Sport Wear & Casual Wear

Sport Wear & Casual Wear.
For sport and for a sporty lifestyle.

Our sports & casual wear is suitable for your everyday and sporting activities. The breathable fabrics are comfortable and light to wear for ambitious goals. Our sportswear and casual wear protects and supports the body – highly fashionable, functional and dressy.

The design of our collections is both simple and sleek. The clothes are full of character but straightforward and understated, putting the wearer in the spotlight. For dynamic, determined people who are always “on the go”. For a sporty life and for use in sport, from basic to professional.

Macro Official Dealer
Sport attire by Macron
CORPORESS distributes the Italian sports label Macron. We are proud to work with a partner that combines high-tech clothing with elegance. The Run & Train collection by Macron is designed to support you in your high training goals, both outdoors and indoors.

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